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Anaconda Poker - Game for Risky Players

Get ready to be surprised, as this kind of poker is far not a usual one. Unpredictable, demanding, forcing and challenging Anaconda poker will blow your mind with its unpredictability. Are you ready to experience one of the most fun-to-play and risky poker games by your own? So, here are the rules.

You’ll not be wrong to call Anaconda poker game a rare variation of 7 stud card poker. The reason for it is rather simple. Anaconda poker calls for friendly atmosphere that’s why it is more likely to be played at home rather than in casino. In other words, a casual atmosphere is in preference here.

Well, let us proceed to the rules so that you can make sure this game is rather fun and exciting as well.

The Anaconda Poker Rules

A game starts with antes, which are the small player’s fee. To take it simple, each player buys himself a seat at the poker table. Usually ante in Anaconda poker equals to the 10% of the lowest bet.

Then, dealer deals 7 faced down cards (hole cards) to each player.

The First Betting Round

Each player has a chance to bet, check or fold, starting from the left of the dealer’s side. In the first round of betting the bets must be placed according to the lower betting limit.

After the bets are placed, the most interesting part of the game starts.

The First Pass

Each player should choose three cards from those in his hand and pass them to the left player. All the other players do the same thing with their three cards out of 7 in a hand.

What makes this stud poker even more interesting and fun is that within each round the number of cards a single player should pass to the left, decreases on one.

The Second Betting Round

Each player should decide now whether he bets, checks or folds. And the player sitting on the left side of the dealer should start the betting round and then the others should make their decisions clockwise.

The Second Pass

Each player decides which two cards he will pass to his neighbor on the left side.

The Third Betting Round

Well, all the players have received new cards and refreshed their hands. Now it is high time to start the betting round. Again, the player sitting on the left side from the dealer should start the betting round.

The Third Pass

This time each player chooses only one card to pass to the left opponent. That would be the last pass in the deal.

The Fourth Betting Round

After the third pass is completed, just the same way as in previous betting rounds, the fourth one takes place now.

Choosing Five Best Cards

As mentioned in the very beginning of the article, this game will blow your mind with the unpredictability. This is an absolutely wild card play as after the fourth betting round the players have to look at their cards and choose 5 best cards in order to present the winning hand in the end. After the players have chosen the 5 cards, they have to put them face down in front. Well that would be a sigh to the dealer that the players have made up their final decisions and are ready to do next step.

Well the next step is revealing one of the five cards they have chosen. That is done for the nerves-tickling effect of course in order to confuse and frustrate the opponents.

The Final Fifth Betting Round

This betting round is absolutely the same as the previous four. The only thing that distinguishes it is that it would be the last one.

Finally, the Showdown

After the players, being under the thumb of seeing one of the opponents’ cards, have finally placed their bets, they are ready to reveal the remaining cards they have and define the winner.

As in most of poker games, the winner in Anaconda Poker is determined by the highest hand.

We hope you’ll find this information useful and try your hand in this marvelous and risky poker game. Good luck!

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