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Caribbean Stud Study

The Caribbean stud card game is a casino gambling game which possesses the similar to 5-card stud poker rules. It's performed against the house usually and believed to be no-bluffing game.

The general Caribbean stud rules are rather universal for all the U.S. gambling houses but at the same time some variations in details are possible (the limits and payouts stuff actually).

The game mechanics presents the next layout:

  • Bet placing;
  • 5 cards deal for each game participant (face down);
  • The dealer turn over the one of his cards;
  • The players watch their cards and make decision - to play or not to play;
  • The dealer shows all of his cards and the hands compare procedure starts.

Carribean Stud Rules

Now let's consider the main Caribbean stud rules points and issues.

  • The optional progressive side bet ($1) is permitted;
  • 5 cards face down for all the participants distribution + no chances for chatting;
  • Fold/Rise option for a player is a must;
  • If the player plays Fold option then he loses all of his bets and discharges his cards;
  • If the player plays Rise option then he must increase the wager (the initial multiplies by 2);
  • The dealer hand must obtain an Ace and a King (or higher) in order to qualify further and proceed the game process. If he/she is not - the even money of the initial bet is paid to the players and the raise bets will push;
  • When the player and the dealer have a tie then the push of all the bets is announced;

Carribean Stud Strategy

The optimal Caribbean stud strategy is a very complicated issue to understand and practice. No one really knows the best way for winning in this variation of casino card games. But we may call the 3 basic principles which may aid you on your way to success.

1. You should always use the Raise option when you possess a pair or higher;

2. Always fold having less than the dealer qualifying hand (King/Ace);

3. Raise having a King or an Ace when:

  • The dealer face up card is 2 through a Queen + matches one card of yours;
  • The dealer face up card is an Ace/King + you possess a Jack or a Queen;
  • The dealer face up card doesn't match any of yours + you have a Queen and the dealer face up card is less than 4 highest cards of yours.
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