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Casino Hold'Em - Poker Star Variant

Casino Hold'Em game is a popular variation of gambling poker activity which is quite similar to Texas Hold'Em. This game is usually performed in Russia, Holland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Morocco, Ireland, South Africa, Egypt, Malta, Romania and Panama.

In addition it's possible for you to perform Casino Hold'Em through the Internet (in addition blackjack online, by the way). You may use the online casinos based on Net Gaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming and Galewind Software platforms.

The game was firstly introduced in live casinos by Stephen Au-Yeung in 2000.

Casino Hold'Em Rules

Now let's observe the Casino Hold'Em basic rules and try to remember them consistently.

  • 52-card standard deck forms the game shoe;
  • Player makes an ante wage first;
  • The dealer delivers 2 cards for a player face down and 3 community cards (so-called flop) placed at the center of the table;
  • The player may watch his cards as soon as he/she gets them;
  • Fold/Call decision is open for a player as a part of game process (if he/she decides to call - then the double ante wage is placed);
  • Then the dealer distributes 2 extra cards to a flop (5 total now) + places his cards face up;
  • The dealer must possess a pair of 4's or better to qualify further. If he is not - then the ante is paid in accordance with ante pay charts (see further below) and the call bets are push;
  • If the player beats the dealer in the long term, then the ante is paid in accordance with ante pay charts (see further below) and the call bets pay even money.

Casino Hold'Em Strategy

Its pity but there is no easy and proven way to master optimal Casino Hold'Em strategy. By-turn the computer may easily count the most suitable strategy decision for a given game case, but it's absolutely impossible to create an ordered and sum-up strategy chart (e.g. as in blackjack card game variation).

Casino Hold'Em Side Bets

The side bet named AA+ Bonus Bet is usually based on the player 2-card value + 3 flop cards.

  • two Aces to a straight usually pay 7:1;
  • two Aces to a flush pay 20:1;
  • two Aces to a full house pay 30:1;
  • two Aces to a four of a kind pay 40:1
  • two Aces to a straight flush pay 50:1
  • and finally two Aces to a royal flush usually pay 100:1.
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