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Poker Chips - Construction and Production

It’s a common mistake that people usually think poker chips a made of clay only. If it was really so, they would be simply breakable and that can’t be practically used in casinos.

So we clearly understand now that casinos can’t use the only one material for producing poker chips, right? So let’s now show the real state of affairs, what exactly is poker chips made of.

Well, the material is certain-proportions mixed ingredients which interact and take on a cast of a perfect poker chip. Of course they will include the clay but not only. Some of the chip manufactures use ceramic chips, some of the Las Vegas casinos are a good example to prove the issue. Ceramic chips are also frequently used for home poker games.

Play of Components and Tricks of Manufacturers

Despite the fact that most people think that chips are made of clay only, it may sometimes include some earth materials as chalk or sand. Though on practice some manufactures (as for the chips for personal usage) will try to assure you that the chips they produce are “absolutely the same as in Las Vegas casinos” or “are produced of the same components”, in real, they are sometimes may be made from simple plastic and include some steel parts in it. After all, most of people are still sure their home poker chips are authentic. As for the Las Vegas casinos, their poker chips are made mostly of clay or are simply made of a specially processed ceramic.

The Actual Process

The process including the range, value and weight of materials used is kept in secret. Even though, some of the process-undergoing features are known. The chips edges are colored differently not because they are actually colored with paint, but because the manufacturers removed some tiny pieces of clay with different colored clay. This process is actually done before the large cylinder was cut into small pieces.

So you have probably understood that before making the chips form round and flat, the materials are combined in a certain form, a cylinder.

Once a cylinder is cut into the forms of chips, the outer engraving is added. That is done one step before the shaping process starts. Engraving is individual for every casino. The engraving is not like engraving in common sense. Actually it is made of paper including a small and thin layer of plastic. These components are placed on the chips before the neat step of giving them an appropriate rounded shape.

To form and press the chip, every chip is put in its own vessel to make a needed shape. Then the chips are slowly compressed and heated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. One this process is being made; the clay and other materials are fused together.

Ceramic and Plastic Chips

Such kinds of chips are the mostly popular among casual poker lovers. As for the ceramic chips, they are often called clay chips and that exactly was the idea of those who produced them. Actually the manufacturers add some resin to make ceramic chips sound as real clay chips or very closely.

Other chips are just made from plastic and such chips are considered the cheapest ones.

From now on you can freely tell that you know everything about poker chips. Good luck in poker practicing and don’t forget to have fun in the process!

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