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Poker Rules for New Players

Although there are plenty of guides and rule books available on the internet for teaching new players the basic rules of online poker or other games like roulette online, there are still a few rules which cause some heated discussions and controversies on poker tables.

Showing cards to players

In poker if you would show your cards to one particular player you would have to show them to all. In a casino, this would normally not be allowed. Showing cards to one player would give an advantage to that player over others.

Minimum Raising amount

In a no limit game most players would think that they would be able to place a bet of any amount whenever they want. This is not true, in most cases there is a minimum fixed amount that you would have to raise and the maximum amount of bet is also fixed. Generally the minimum amount would be equal to the bets placed before or during that particular betting round.

Seeing cards of another player

There are no rules to whether or not you can see another player’s cards once the hand is over. However, it isn’t socially acceptable to do it quite often. However, you can ask a dealer to reveal another player’s cards once the hand is over but this would only imply that you suspect that the player is cheating.

Revealing your Hand

Whether or not you should show your cards to another player would again depend on the type of situation. If the game is still on and other players have yet to take an action you would not be allowed to show your hand since this can influence the decisions taken by a player. In most games this would only result in eviction from the game or penalty. The best thing to do is to check with the rules before you decide to do so.

Placing String Bets

In poker when you are placing a bet or raising a bet you would need to clearly state how much are you betting or raising. The total number of chips needs to be placed in front of you and once you declare how much you are betting or raising you would not be able to change it.

By not indicating your intentions clearly you make it clear that you are trying to read the reactions of your opponent and take advantage of it. To avoid confusions, state in clear terms what your action is going to be and the place the right number of chips in front of you. Most of the times players would string bet would only do this accidentally, or because they might not be aware of the rules.

The ultimate responsibility for making sure that the rules are followed is with the house. that is why you need to study poker room reviews thoroughly. But if you are playing a casual game with friends at home and everyone is sting betting, then of course it is acceptable that you do it too. In a house game it is usually up to the host to decide the rules but it is very different when you play in a casino. Casinos follow very strict rules and if you are not comfortable playing with those kinds of rules you must excuse yourself from the game, after all, poker should be played for fun.

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