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Seven-Card Stud Poker - Game Overview

The seven card stud is one of the various variations of the game of poker. This game can be played by 2 to 8 players but the more the players the more special rules will need to be introduced and this is because there will be less cards to play with if there are no players folding. Experienced players can however play this game with as much as 9 players as they usually fold often. In order to play this game you will need to be familiar with the general game play of the game of poker as well as the hand values. It is also important to have an idea of the poker betting structure.

Play Overview

Players will be required to use a small ante as well as bring in when playing in a casino but if they are playing at home all they need to have is just the ante. The betting in this game is supposed to be clockwise and it is usually the player who has the lowest card showing that starts the game. All the players should be dealt 2 cards which should all be face down cards. All the players should also be dealt with one face up card also referred to as Third street and then they will be dealt another face up card to make it four then a fifth face up card and a sixth face up card and lastly a seventh face down card. Today there is an increasingly popular seven card stud poker game known as Mississippi Stud and this game removes the betting round between the fourth and the fifth streets thereby making only 4 betting rounds. This game will also deal the final card as a face up card and this will make the game to closely resemble the Texas Hold'em poker game given that they will have the same betting structure as well as the same number of face down cards and face up cards. The game starts with all the players being dealt with the 2 face down cards and one face up card. The player who will be having the face up card of the lowest rand will be the one that will start play and the betting will proceed in a clockwise order. In case there are 2 players with the same low card value then a suit should be considered in order to break the hands tie. In case there was no bring in, the player will be required to show their face up card with the highest rank and in this case there will be no need of using the suit to break the tie. In case 2 players have the same face up card values then the one who is first in a clockwise direction starting from the dealer will be the one to play first.

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