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Win Big with Online Poker!

Poker originated in the USA in the early 1900’s and has, many years later, made a smooth and very successful transition to online gaming. The game of poker has grown to include several different versions that can be broken down into 3 categories played in online poker rooms worldwide. The first of these variations is Community card poker that includes the most played version of the game: Texas Hold ‘em poker, as well as the popular Omaha hold ‘em variety. Community poker describes the games whereby each player’s incomplete hidden hand is combined with a selection of shared cards that face upwards. The second category is Stud poker; a game in which each player receives a combination of upwards and downwards facing cards over multiple betting rounds and includes the common varieties 7 card stud and 5 card stud. The final category is Draw poker, made popular by the 5 card draw game in which players are dealt a full, hidden hand which can be improved by replacing cards.

Knowing the different variations of poker can have a huge impact on your gaming experience and players who familiarise themselves with the different styles and relevant strategies will have the upper hand when enjoying a game. Players who understand the game will be able to benefit greatly from all the opportunities on offer and spot a winning hand from the first card. Online casinos like Lucky Nugget not only offer a great selection of the various types of poker games but also host multi- player tournaments that can be enjoyed by players in real time. Both the standard poker games and the tournaments feature huge pots and can be incredibly rewarding for players who place real money bets. No matter what your preferred style of poker is this card game offers the ultimate in online entertainment and is guaranteed to thrill and amuse!

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