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Industry executives and analysts often mistakenly talk about strategy as if it were some kind of chess match. But in chess, you have just two opponents, each with identical resources, and with luck playing a minimal role. The real world is much more like a poker game, with multiple players trying to make the best of whatever hand fortune has dealt them. In our industry, Bill Gates owns the poker table until someone proves otherwise.
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Badugi Lowball Draw Poker Game

Despite this poker game was originated in Asia and is mostly played by South Eastern Asia’s poker players, it’s still rather popular among poker lovers all over the world.

Well the rules remind traditional lowball draw poker, though they differ in a certain list of specifications. Let us delve into the game’s details a little just to make it possible for you to understand this poker game’s drawing power.

The Game Rules and Features

The main players target here is to collect a lower possible hand with the cards of different ranks and suit.


  • First of all one must remember that it is a fixed-limit poker.
  • The dealer is matched by the special dealer’s button, which is used to mark the dealer’s position.
  • There are two blinds the small and the bid one, both of them are placed on the left of the dealer. The small blind is traditionally half the lowest bet and the big one is equal to the lowest bet.
  • There are three draw rounds and four betting rounds in total.
  • The low limit is detected to the first two betting rounds and the second two betting rounds are upgraded to the high limit.
  • All the players must pay the ante before the game starts. The ante is usually rather small.
  • In case at any point there is only one player remaining in the game – he takes the pot.


When the blinds were posted successfully the dealer deals each player four faced down cards. All the players are allowed to look at their cards but not to show them to each other, of course.

So when the players have viewed their cards they are free to start the betting round. The first betting round here is usually called the pre-draw round. Each player may call, raise or fold as usual, with keeping in mind that the entire game has fixed limits, so there must be no more than 3 raises a deal. So, when all the players made their decisions as for the betting part, the first drawing round takes place.

The drawing round is a round in a draw poker game, where in a certain moment of the game, usually after the first betting round, every player is allowed to replace his cards with the same amount of the new cards, which will be dealt to him by the dealer from the top of the deck. The amount of cards, which can be drawn, is up from nothing to all the five cards.

After the 1st draw round, when all the players who wanted to change their cards did it, it’s high time to start the second betting round. Then another draw comes followed by the betting round as well.

The remaining players now proceed to the third and the last one draw, which is again followed by the betting round, the fourth one this time.

The Discard

After the fourth betting round ended, each player must put aside (discard) any card which has the same rank or suit with the other cards in a hand. As you’ve probably understood, not all the players will end with four cards in a hand as the duplicated ranks or suits must be discarded. The remaining cards are the player’s hand.

So after the discards were put away, each player now can look which hand is the best (the lowest) wins the pot. In case there are two players with the same hands, the pot will be split 50/50.

We hope you will enjoy this kind of poker game. Good luck in practicing!

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