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Poker Legendary Players You Should Know

Poker is a famous card game and lots of people are hooked with it not just for winning real cash but for the excitement that it can bring as well. There are famous poker players that made a name through their winnings. Here are legendary some poker players that you should know:

  • Isaac Baron WestmenloAA
  • He is a well-known poker player and has won the title of the best tournament player in online poker. It was in 2007 when Isaac won as the “Card Player” of the year. He has won more than $3000000 and he got more than 13 titles as well. He is a well-known player in online poker. One of his most significant winnings is the PokerStars Sunday Million where he won $750,000usd. He has won a lot of games and he has been a threat to a lot of poker games that he entered. He has been one of the best online and live poker tournament players of all times.

  • Alex AJKHoosier1 Kamberis
  • This man got more than $3M in his entire career in poker. He is one of the best online poker players of his generation. He started out his career in poker in 2006 and he started to earn a lot of money in 2008 when he started engaging in different poker tournaments. Do you know that he got more than 9 titles in his entire career?

  • Shaundeeb
  • He is the present CardPlayer online player of the year and he has been one of the best online poker players for the last few years. In his entire career as a poker player, he has won more than $2M and over 20 poker titles too. He is not just talented in playing poker but he is also known as a poker mincer. Nowadays, he is continuously sweeping away other poker players every day.

  • Annette_15
  • She marked a name in poker for her victory in a tournament last 2007. It was the World Series of Poker Europe main event. She is not yet old enough to be in the live poker tournaments in the US, yet she has made more than $3M in her entire career which is very impressive for a young individual.

  • Kevin BeLOWaBOVe Saul
  • He is known as one of the dominant players in poker. He became successful in poker and now reaping $1000000 which came from the 2007 Bellagio Cup. The BeLOWaBOVe is just a small group of poker tournament players that started out playing aggressively and ruling out online poker tournament circle few years back. The group helped more poker players to compete and be ready for the next level of their career in poker.

The achievements of these people made other players especially newbies strive for more and their lives may be an encouragement to those who would also like to become successful and earn a lot from playing poker tournaments as well.

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