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Basic Knowhow of the Game for Beginners

Pacific poker was a common website few years back where all the novices of pokers used to learn the game and read poker room reviews. Then another website called emerged in the scenario with some immense advertising and all the beginners went to that site. Presently, players are taking on the network of as Blue Squall sponsored the UK poker tour. But is it really worthy enough to play against the beginners? The answer is yes, if you are not an expert poker.

Taking on Titan Poker is a good choice because it has several beginners participating in numerous exciting tournament games. Following this system is very easy and it requires a deposit of some $300, which means getting 50 buy ins at $5+$1. You can also get a poker account and have that amount in it.


In this system there would be $10 six players which multiply to total prize money of $60 which is divided between the winner and the runner’s up in $42 and $18 share respectively. Considering the fact that luck is an important factor, you can surely aim at winning 50 % of the games which is said to be a good start.

If you fail to win then you would slow and steadily drain your bankroll which might prove to be dangerous. But again if you can make winning a habit then you can make a good amount of money. That is why it is said that for a beginner it is always better to start playing the shorthanded limit game first.

Organizing your bankroll

One should always play with 5 % of his bankroll on the table. This rule works for roulette online as well. If one follows this system then one can be sure that one never needs to reload in between.

Now, let’s talk about a misconception regarding low limit tables.

People believe that if you move up through the limits you come across a superior opponent. The You might still get bad players who just want to spend their income and plays just for fun.

While moving up your limits, you would get bad players who convey stunning bad defeats on you. The situation is more painful if you are not playing in your bankroll. It’s very important to follow the basic principle of the game.

The best part of using the system of bankroll management is that you are not required to go through account reloading once again once you start winning. One must be sure that his poker bankroll is different from all the other finances of yours. The bankroll is the basic requirement of playing and without it you just can’t continue your game.

Open separate account

You can open a moneybookers account separately to maintain your poker bankroll. One of the very important facts about bankroll management is that once your bankroll starts increasing; there should be a sufficient amount of money which you should not use ever. Like if you have a balance of $500 then you would be playing with 5% of the total amount which is $25 and the rest of the money is safe. Out of the remaining money it is a good practice to keep at least $200 or so in a safe custody.

The fact that pokers is a game of luck; makes it more mandatory or you might say safe to keep the money separate because one is sure to have a bad day and it is then one would realize the importance of having that money kept aside.

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