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Maximizing Profit in Poker by Playing Position

One of the most important concepts in poker is the positions.

Playing your position to increase your profits

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1. Good position

Not many players know of the value of having a good position. Good position doesn't play role only when you play roulette online. When you are the first to act you would need to be great to just break even. A good position pays off in the long run. When you think of hundreds of hands, a good position alone can make you win majority of the pots. Among opponents that are equal in skill, the player who is seated to the left would generally be in an advantage than the one on the right. You could try to check and raise to make up for your bad position but then again it doesn’t always pay off. When your opponent gets to see your move before he has to act he would always take the benefit of it.

It is always an advantage to have a loose player on your right so that you can act after seeing their move. They would bet and supply money and you would be in the right position to take advantage of it. Players who are aggressive should be on your right because they would not then be able to come in the way of your strategy and wouldn’t be able to control the game.

2. Small bid position

If you reraise when in a small bid position you would have the worst position throughout the betting rounds. If you are in the small bid position and have a good hand you should just call rather then raise.

3. When you are first

It is always worst to be in the best visible position in a seven card stud game because then you would have to act first. It is ok to raise frequently when there is a three way pot. When you have a medium strong hand which is quite vulnerable your best move would be to thin out the field. When the hands of your opponents seem to be just equal to yours the first thing you must try to do is to gain position. You can read poker room reviews to know more about their tables.

4. Raise

In a seven card stud game when you are on the fourth street you must always raise since it would save you a lot of money by making your opponent check when the stakes would be higher on the fifth street. However, you shouldn’t use it too often.

5. Button

Rather than on the button it is better to make a huge raise before the button. When on the button you already are in the last position for the rest of the rounds so you do not need to raise.

6. Strong hand

When you have a very strong hand you shouldn’t bother trying to limit the field. With a strong hand you would want your opponents to still be in the game to raise the pot. Only when you have medium hands should you try to chase away your opponents by putting a huge bet or by re raising a bet.

7. Raise before the button

The three main things to remember is to raise when you are on the button to make the most of your position, raising the bet just before the button to get a good position and re raise a good amount when on the big blind rather than on the small blind.

8. Use tells

You could also gain a good position by using signs and tells to eliminate players who would be acting after you mentally. It would effectively move you up to the better position if you can identify an opponent who would be likely to fold.

9. Heads up

When in a heads up there would be no good position, because in this situation both players would be taking turns to act last.

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